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Heritage – Japonica Dream

Heritage – Japonica Dream - Event from Angela Chung

“Heritage by Angela Chung” is a new  collection of 10 smart-casual batik dresses with a contemporary luxurious relaxed style. Angela has always loved the wearable art of traditional batik tulis, and has dreamed of making a batik collection.

On the evening of the 25th of October, 10 outfits in shades of traditional deep blue and creamy ivory will be paraded on the catwalk. The pieces are limited edition, as we all know no two pieces of batik tulis are alike.

The outfits are contemporary pieces for the modern woman, featuring functional knee length skirts, cute crop tops, capes and chic day dresses.

The theme “Japonica Dream” is inspired by Angela’s recent travels to Japan. For Angela “inspiration can be found anywhere, in from an outfit I see in a magazine, on the street or from things that catch my eye”

The collection is inspired by some uncommon sources of Japanese inspiration such as squid, the sun, armour and pagodas all translated into stylish, flattering outfits.

The batik used in this collection include: motif banji, batik sido dadi, panji semirat, motif ikan kecil, motif kembang sedayu, parang, kembang byur, kliwed, sama motif burung cermin.

After the show the outfits will be available exclusively at PRIVE Boutique: JL DI Panjaitan 62B Semarang Indonesia 50136.

For more information contact Prive Boutique +62 243567298