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Monokromantik at Hongkong Fashion Week January 2014

Monokromantik at Hongkong Fashion Week January 2014 - Event from Angela Chung

Angela Chung presents her Fall/Winter 2014 collection entitiled “Monokromantik” at Hong Kong Fashion Week 13-17 January 2014.

“Monokromantik” is inspired by the sleek futuristic heroine, Quorra played by actress Olivia Wilde, in the American science fiction film Tron: Legacy. The collection consists of twenty-four cocktail and evening dresses, in black-and-white, emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue.

The looks play on gem-tone and solid black-and-white colour-blocking, geometric cut-outs¸and illusion panels to achieve a silhouette of cool and minimalistic elegance. Style lines are rounded or straight angular, while hemlines alternate between short and hi-low, creating a clean and futuristic aesthetic.