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Mornings on the Seine

Mornings on the Seine - Event from Angela Chung

Angela Chung’s latest collection for Fall-Winter 2016 is inspired by a series of oil paintings entitled “Mornings on the Seine near Giverney” by renowned French painter Claude Monet, depicting the quiet elegance of the early hours of the day along the Seine in France.

The collection consists of 8 gowns ‎in a color palette of light blue, purple and green in fabrics that are layered from opaque to translucent and from matte to glittering to mimic the play on light and blurred reflections on the trees and skies on the water as the sun rises in Monet’s famous paintings.

Angela shifts her focus to more ready-to-wear gowns this season with lightweight and unique shapes that are easy to wear and in irresistible color combinations that are feminine and fashion forward.

This series of 8 dresses is only a preview of the collection to come, and is exclusively shown for the first time at Semarang Fashion Parade 2016. More of this collection will be released in January 2016.

For more information, contact [email protected].

Collection : Angela Chung Fall-Winter 2016
Event : Semarang Fashion Parade 2015
Time : 6:30pm Saturday 31 October 2015
Location : Gumaya Tower Hotel Semarang